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Welcome to my homepage.  Here you will find the papers and research I am working on and other items which might be of varying degrees of interest to you.  You can also find a link to helpful information on the courses I teach. 

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Brooklyn, New York  USA

contact:  cameron_weber@hotmail.com


 The Foundation for Economic Education has published "European ruling against Apple and Ireland Vindicates Brexit" (September 2016).

This is a good article on the welfare-state by Edmund Phelps (a Nobel laureate) in the New York Review of Books, "What is Wrong with the West's Economies?" (August 2015).  

Here is information on subsidized "affordable" housing sponsored by the city of New York, some great addresses, why not sign-up for the waiting list?

Here is the homepage for the Pardon Snowden movement, with a countdown to how many days until President Obama has to do this, remember the Obama Administration was promised to be the "most transparent" in US history.


For fans of economics, here is a photo of the Economics Faculty building in Belgrade, Serbia (the center of economics for the former Yugoslavia).





 From BYO Records, UK and from Nancy Folbre's website.





Here's Hayek's 1944 Road to Serfdom in cartoons, courtesy of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). 


Paul Kelpe, Machinery (Abstract #2), 1933-34.





 Thorstein Veblen, a great economist and more.




Veblen's "Why is Economics not an Evolutionary Science" (1898)

Hayek's "Use of Knowledge in Society" (1945)

Kreuger's "Political Economy of the Rent-Seeking Society" (1974)

Rothbard's "Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy" (1995 / 2011)


Keynes v. Hayek rap video, Part I: "Fear the Boom and Bust"

Keynes v. Hayek rap video, Part II: "Fight of the Century"

Milton Friedman "On Greed" and on "Abolishing the Central Bank"

James Buchanan and F.A. Hayek discuss science and method and ambition